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Estudo de Tradução e Adaptação Cultural das Escalas de Medos da Compaixão para uso no Brasil

Atualizado: 23 de mar. de 2023

Trends in Psychology 2022 Aug 8 : 1–22

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Fears of Compassion Scales: Cross-Cultural Adaptation and Validity Evidence for Use in Brazil

Abstract: Fears of compassion are associated with harmful mental health effects, with research increasing worldwide. As a measure to assess this construct, the Fears of Compassion Scales were developed, with adapted versions in several countries. This study aimed to perform the cultural adaptation and search for evidence of validity of the Fears of Compassion Scales for use in Brazil. After the translation and cultural adaptation process, two online surveys were conducted. In the first, 284 adults (mean age = 36.47) answered the Fears of Compassion Scales and a sociodemographic questionnaire. Through Exploratory Factor Analysis and Cronbach’s alpha and McDonald’s omega tests, the three scales showed good internal consistency indices and confirmed the original format of the instrument, with a one-factor solution. One item of scale 1 did not fit and was excluded, while a new item in scale 2, developed through focus groups, showed good fit indices. In the second data collection, 381 women (mean age = 31.56) answered the Fears of Compassion Scales, the Self-Compassion Scale, and the Psychological Well-Being Scale. Confirmatory factor analyses corroborated the format proposed in the first analysis, and convergent and divergent validity data were confirmed. The results indicate that the Fears of Compassion Scales are suitable for use in Brazil. The instrument tends to contribute to studies on the theme, providing a better understanding of its functioning and enabling future interventions to improve access to compassion and all its benefits.

Keywords: Fears of compassion, Compassion, Psychometric properties, Factor analysis

Fears of Compassion Scales Cross‑Cultural Adaptation and Validity Evidenc e for Use in Bra
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